Nicole & Anton {York Region Wedding Photographer}

These guys were amazing! They had no problem braving the heavy wet snow rain to get some stunning shots and during the reception, Anton surprised his bride with a song written just for her and preformed by him and his groomsmen. It was ahhhmazing!  Amy & I had a great time covering for the boys while they did their rehearsal too lol We told the girls that we wanted to redo some shots of the guys and since the girls photos were perfect they could just relax for a little … except we didn’t realize how long it would take.  Good thing Anton let Nicole know we were covering for them after the performance so she didn’t think we forgot about the girls haha!  You guys were incredible! Thank you for some great memories! And all the very best to you both!

N+A 527pbw

N+A 008pbw

N+A 021pbw

N+A 025pbw N+A 027pbw

N+A 032pbw N+A 037pbw

N+A 048pbw N+A 071pbw

N+A 053

N+A 241pbw

N+A 243pbw N+A 244pbw

N+A 247pbw N+A 254

N+A 291pbw

N+A 286pbw N+A 296

N+A 404

N+A 409pbw

N+A 411

N+A 414pbw

N+A 448pbw

N+A 452pbw

N+A 454pbw

N+A 459pbw

N+A 511 N+A 512pbw

N+A 516 N+A 524

N+A 519pbw N+A 520pbw

N+A 525pbw

N+A 537

N+A 585pbw

N+A 587pbw

N+A 593

N+A 599pbw

N+A 608

N+A 377

N+A 381

N+A 684

N+A 810pbw N+A 818pbw

N+A 823pbw

N+A 880

N+A 890

N+A 883

N+A 605


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