Amanda & Chris {Luther Engagement Photographer}

I have been photographing Amanda & Chris along with their little girl, Ava for the last couple years.  They are such a sweet family!  I was so exciting when they were announced as the winners of our engagement session giveaway at the Orangeville Bridal Show last year.  They chose a spot that was very special to them at the Luther Marsh.  It was a spot they visited frequently as a couple and as a family and holds a lot of special memories.  There are my favourite places to shoot.  Because they are personal.  And they have meaning.  All the best guys! I look forward to being able to continue to watch your family grow!

A+C 040

A+C 002 A+C 004

A+C 008 A+C 012

A+C 016pbw

A+C 032 A+C 052

A+C 056pbw

A+C 075

A+C 073 A+C 059

A+C 062

A+C 086pbw A+C 092

A+C 096pbw

A+C 098

A+C 103pbw

A+C 117pbw

A+C 121

A+C 125

A+C 132pbw A+C 148pbw

A+C 141

A+C 153pbw

A+C 156


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