Amy & Jay {Orangeville Maternity Photographer}

This is a very special family for me.  Amy and Jay were my very first wedding clients that I took on under my own company name.  I remember how happy and excited I was that they were willing to take a chance on me and they were the start of this crazy wonderful wedding & lifestyle photography company that I am so blessed to be able to run full time today!  Even more so, I have been photographing their family for years now and watching them grow and make the CUTEST babies ever! Zoey is just amazing and so full of life!  And baby number 2, well let’s just say I could have kept her! haha Look out for her post in the next few weeks!

Thank you guys again for allowing me to capture yet another mile stone in your lives!

A+J 042

A+J 037

A+J 001

A+J 003 A+J 006pbw

A+J 015pbw A+J 024pbw

A+J 032pbw

A+J 043pbw A+J 044pbw

A+J 046pbw A+J 051pbw

A+J 048

A+J 055

A+J 059

A+J 061pbw

A+J 062

A+J 066

A+J 070pbw

A+J 072

A+J 078pbw

A+J 084

A+J 087

A+J 097

A+J 101

A+J 105pbw

A+J 110pbw

A+J 116pbw

A+J 119pbw

A+J 089

A+J 095

A+J 121

A+J 125

A+J 128


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