Amy & Jamie {Caledon Engagement Photographer}

I LOVED the location that Amy chose for her engagement session with Jamie.  It was behind Terra Cotta Inn in Caledon.  She told me it was this amazing magical spot filled with weeping willows hanging over a river but once I saw it in person, I was absolutely floored! I could have shot here all day but of course we ran out of light and had to call it a day lol.  Thank you both for an amazing session!! I am even more excited now for your wedding!!A+J 157pbw

A+J 148

A+J 147pbw

A+J 136pbw A+J 135pbw

A+J 030 A+J 037pbw

A+J 044 A+J 055

A+J 060

A+J 069pbw

A+J 071 A+J 096

A+J 094 A+J 086

A+J 107pbw

A+J 133

A+J 126pbw A+J 160

A+J 165

A+J 167

A+J 173

A+J 175

A+J 168pbw

A+J 179pbw

A+J 180pbw

A+J 187pbw

A+J 191

A+J 193

A+J 195pbw

A+J 198pbw

A+J 024pbw A+J 016

A+J 014


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