Brothers {Orangeville Family Photographer}

Cade & Jack were the absolute cutest little guys!  Jack was full of life and adventure, insisting on showing me his turtle skeleton he found and his monstrously huge pet june bug and his little brother Cade was full of smiles and interest in his big brother.  They were the perfect pair! Then add their grandparents’ gorgeous farm equipped with tire swings, vintage wagons, tractors and swinging benches and the most perfect lighting and WOW was I ever in love with this shoot! C&J 54

C&J 67pbw C&J 73p3

C&J 74p3 C&J 81p3

C&J 78pbw

C&J 83pbw

C&J 96pbw

C&J 85p3

C&J 50p3

C&J 49

C&J 45

C&J 20p3

C&J 15p3

C&J 10p3 C&J 37pbw

C&J 58pbw

C&J 60p3


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