Robyn & Jay {Duntroon & Collingwood Wedding Photographer}


Robyn & Jay’s first look was so perfect around this barn corner.  And check out their oober cutie patootie daughter in her little flower girl dress! So precious!! Congrats to both of you! It was a perfect wedding!

R+J 004pbw R+J 006pbw

R+J 014

R+J 019pbw

R+J 024

R+J 028 R+J 032

R+J 079pbw

R+J 097pbw

R+J 118 R+J 120pbw

R+J 123

R+J 138pbw R+J 154pbw

R+J 139

R+J 147

R+J 155

R+J 175 R+J 181

R+J 176pbw

R+J 184

R+J 193

R+J 197pbw

R+J 203

R+J 208pbw

R+J 218pbw

R+J 221 R+J 222

R+J 224pbw


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