Sadie {Shelburne Newborn Photographer}

Sadie was perfect. Well other then the poop & pee explosion she got all over her momma during the very first pose of the day LOL! Once that was done, she pretty much just slept like a rock the rest of the shoot! I am so in love with these pretty soft images I got of her.

Headbands and hats are a combination of Zibblet Designs (who is Sadie’s momma), Sassy Sweet Pea & Bella & The Fellas.

Sadie 75p2

Sadie 79p2

Sadie 68p2

Sadie 14p2

Sadie 10bw Sadie 06bw

Sadie 05bw

Sadie 15p2

Sadie 26p2

Sadie 44p2

Sadie 48p2

Sadie 50p2

Sadie 59

Sadie 65p2

Sadie 67

Sadie 84


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