Jovette & Doug {Palgrave Wedding Photographer}

Jovette & Doug through a lovely backyard wedding at their beautiful home.  It was such a perfect day!  I wish you all the best!

J+D 314

J+D 001

J+D 006

J+D 034

J+D 076pbw J+D 078

J+D 081 J+D 080pbw

J+D 307 J+D 308pbw

J+D 105

J+D 104

J+D 121 J+D 153

J+D 154pbw J+D 166

J+D 158pbw

J+D 170

J+D 186

J+D 194pbw

J+D 200pbw J+D 224pbw

J+D 228pbw J+D 243pbw

J+D 251pbw

J+D 258

J+D 290

J+D 293pbw

J+D 312 J+D 319pbw

J+D 317pbw

J+D 323pbw J+D 328pbw

J+D 324


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