Ashley & Ryan {Bond Head & Woodbridge Wedding Photographer}

So I should start off by letting you know that Ashley is a demolition derby car driver.  As you start scrolling, you’ll see the amazing derby cars.  The wedding was full of personal touches, like the heart walkway, the mini derby jeep that the ring bearer and flower girl rolled in on,  and the hot pink sneakers! Then add a wicked awesome bridal party who were definitely having a great time adding tons of personality into the photos! It was a awesome group! I think I spent most of the time laughing with them and all their awesome photo ideas!  You guys were so much fun and we wish you all the best!!  Thank you for letting us be part of your day!!

A+R 606pbw

A+R 003

A+R 001 A+R 088

A+R 086

A+R 109

A+R 112

A+R 196

A+R 047 A+R 458

A+R 459 A+R 462

A+R 463pbw A+R 465pbw

A+R 468pbw

A+R 474pbw

A+R 478pbw A+R 486

A+R 480

A+R 447

A+R 450

A+R 487

A+R 491pbw

A+R 495

A+R 497pbw

A+R 500

A+R 270pbw

A+R 288

A+R 315pbw

A+R 324 A+R 328pbw

A+R 559

A+R 561

A+R 566

A+R 569

A+R 570

A+R 589pbw

A+R 592pbw

A+R 596pbw

A+R 601pbw A+R 609pbw

A+R 616 A+R 621

A+R 625

A+R 623 A+R 640pbw

A+R 644pbw

A+R 646

A+R 651

A+R 659

A+R 665pbw

A+R 669

A+R 667 A+R 674pbw

A+R 679pbw

A+R 740 A+R 746

A+R 760pbw

A+R 769pbw

A+R 787pbw

A+R 788pbw

A+R 800pbw

A+R 821


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