Kayla & Carlos {Hockley Valley Wedding Photographer}

Kayla & Carlos’ wedding took place on a perfect July day at Hockley Valley Resort.  They were so much fun together and their bridal party was nothing short of a good time.  Everyone was just laid back, laughing and enjoying the day.  I think Carlos had one of the best reactions to seeing his bride come down the isle.  It was just sooo dang cute and emotional.  You could tell just how happy and excited he was to be marrying Kayla. Kayla you are one lucky girl 😉

All the best to both of you guy!!

K+C 664

K+C 005

K+C 001pbw K+C 030pbw

K+C 021pbw

K+C 022pbw

K+C 035pbw

K+C 044

K+C 048pbw

K+C 054pbw

K+C 057pbw

K+C 045pbw K+C 064

K+C 066K+C 132 K+C 135pbw

K+C 249pbw K+C 250pbw

K+C 252pbw K+C 253pbw

K+C 261

K+C 262

K+C 274

K+C 321pbw

K+C 317pbw K+C 327pbw

K+C 331

K+C 390pbw K+C 394pbw

K+C 412

K+C 433

K+C 434

K+C 466

K+C 472pbw

K+C 475

K+C 480pbw

K+C 470pbw K+C 482pbw

K+C 487pbw

K+C 500pbw

K+C 504pbw

K+C 522

K+C 531

K+C 540

K+C 556pbw

K+C 558pbw

K+C 571

K+C 567pbw

K+C 582

K+C 590

K+C 615

K+C 638

K+C 653pbw

K+C 659

K+C 664

K+C 665 K+C 669pbw

K+C 671 K+C 691

K+C 688


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