The {D} Family {Orangeville Family Photographer}

So a little history here; I’ve known this family since I was just a preteen kid.  I used to take karate with them about a bagillion years ago lol. I haven’t seen them since I was a teen but they found me again through facebook (best part of the ever so controversial facebook lol) I say it all of the time, but it really is the best part of my job; I get to see old friends all the time and capture their families and milestones in life.  It is by far my most favourite part of this job.  It was so great to see you all again!!

D'Aversa 065

D'Aversa 078

D'Aversa 084

D'Aversa 098

D'Aversa 099pbw

D'Aversa 015

D'Aversa 019pbw

D'Aversa 023

D'Aversa 026pbw

D'Aversa 033

D'Aversa 040

D'Aversa 041

D'Aversa 047pbw D'Aversa 048pbw

D'Aversa 049pbw D'Aversa 050pbw

D'Aversa 051pbw D'Aversa 052pbw

D'Aversa 073

D'Aversa 056pbw

D'Aversa 058pbw


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