McKenna is One! {Fergus Child Photographer}

McKenna where has this year gone?? I can still remember when her momma told me she was expecting baby #2.  The convo went like this:

Me: Hey Melly, soooo Ava (her older daughter) is going to have a new playmate this summer! (this was when I told her I was expecting Paisley)
Mel: Well I think your baby is going to have a friend a little closer in age this summer!

haha it was an exciting conversation! Fast forward a year and 9 months later and voila! This precious little big bright eyed cutie in one!  And it turns out McKenna is nothing like her big sister who really didn’t like getting dirty during her cake smash, McKenna on the other hand, could not get enough cake in her and on her! What a little peanut!

McKenna 27 McKenna 24 McKenna 26

McKenna 19p3

McKenna 02p3

McKenna 04pbw

McKenna 06p3

McKenna 07p3

Of Course Paisley had to sneak in there for a photo with her bestie!
McKenna 14p3

McKenna 18p3

McKenna 61p3

McKenna 68p3

McKenna 70p3

McKenna 73p3

McKenna 82p3

McKenna 89p3

McKenna 91p3


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