Annelle’s 6 Month Session {Shelburne Baby Photographer}

ohhhh.emmmm.geeeeeeezeee!! Look. At. That. Face! Annelle you are an absolute doll!! I want to steal you for my own but your momma knows where I live 😦 LOL I could not get enough of her! And I absolutely loved the generation shots we got with momma and grandma! Can’t wait to see you next week for your 1st birthday session!Annelle 6m 70

Annelle 6m 66

Annelle 6m 79

Annelle 6m 77

Annelle 6m 49

Annelle 6m 51

Annelle 6m 46

And of course we had the generation shot with baby Annelle, her momma and her grandma 🙂

Annelle 6m 04

Annelle 6m 08

Annelle 6m 22


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