L+P {Hockley Valley Resort Wedding Photographer}

Lisa & Philip had a beautiful wedding at Hockley Valley Resort.  I think my absolute favourite part of the day was Philip’s reaction as Lisa walked down the isle and he gave her a little wave with the biggest smile ever!  It was just so sweet and sincere.  I love watching a good groom reaction to his bride.  It’s one of those moments that most people miss because they are all watching the bride and well with good reason!  Your wedding was beautiful Lisa & Philip! Thank you for allowing us to capture your special day!!

L+P 520

L+P 004

L+P 002pbw L+P 033

L+P 052pbw L+P 058pbw

L+P 070

L+P 116pbw

L+P 120 L+P 122pbw

L+P 124

L+P 267pbw L+P 269pbw

L+P 272pbw L+P 273pbw

L+P 276

L+P 283 L+P 321

L+P 303

L+P 332

L+P 337

L+P 340pbw

L+P 386

L+P 420

L+P 444

L+P 453

L+P 468

L+P 469pbw

L+P 475pbw

L+P 479pbw

L+P 491

L+P 493pbw

L+P 496

L+P 500pbw

L+P 507

L+P 516pbw

L+P 521

L+P 523

L+P 530

L+P 531pbw

L+P 535

L+P 539

L+P 541pbw

L+P 545pbw

L+P 549pbw

L+P 552

L+P 558pbw

L+P 576 L+P 579pbw

L+P 583pbw L+P 586pbw

L+P 646pbw

L+P 719

L+P 721

L+P 863

L+P 864

L+P 876

L+P 884

L+P 885


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