Ashley & Greg {Alton Wedding Photographer}

Ashley & Greg got married at the stunning Alton Mill.  Their day was filled with perfect touches from their emotion first look (I can’t tell you how much I LOVE doing a first look on a wedding day), Ashley’s sweet ride to the Mill with her dad, plus their homemade tomato sauce favours and I couldn’t forget their super cutie patootie flower girls.  It was a beautifully perfect day for a beautiful couple! And what made it even more special for me, was that Ashley and I go way back! Ashley is an old friend from high school and I was absolutely honoured that she chose us to capture her wedding.  Thank you both for allowing us to capture such a special day!

A+G 486

A+G 002pbw A+G 013

A+G 008

A+G 010pbw

A+G 020pbw

A+G 035pbw A+G 046pbw

A+G 042pbw

A+G 053pbw

A+G 059

A+G 076

A+G 080pbw

A+G 085pbw

A+G 090

A+G 099pbw

A+G 105pbw A+G 110pbw

A+G 119 A+G 126pbw

A+G 133

A+G 199

A+G 205

A+G 207

A+G 215

A+G 230 A+G 240

A+G 233

A+G 251

A+G 253 A+G 254

A+G 260 A+G 263pbw

A+G 326pbwA+G 320pbw

A+G 321pbw A+G 322pbw

A+G 338pbw

A+G 344

A+G 350 A+G 353pbw

A+G 355

A+G 366

There is nothing like the feeling of a freshly placed wedding band on your finger. Loved this shot I got of Greg playing with it right after Ashley put it on him. A+G 369

A+G 373 A+G 392

A+G 395pbw

A+G 424

A+G 426pbw A+G 429

A+G 432pbw A+G 451

A+G 448

A+G 460pbw A+G 476pbw

A+G 471

A+G 474

A+G 486

A+G 499

A+G 532pbw

A+G 534pbw

A+G 536

A+G 569pbw

A+G 552 A+G 556pbw

A+G 576

A+G 574 A+G 591

A+G 592

A+G 594

A+G 646

A+G 639

A+G 737pbw

A+G 740

A+G 735

A+G 754

A+G 765

A+G 778A+G 779



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