Aly & Clay {Woodstock Wedding Photographer}


Well it has been a while since I’ve updated this blog .. with all the Christmas chaos, filling orders and my move, it’s been a wild but wonderful few months and unfortunately the blog got a little neglected.  BUT that is what January is for, CATCH UP TIME!  And what better way to start off but with my gorgeous friends’ wedding!

I have know Aly for ohhhhh about 10 years now, so when she asked me to photograph her intimate and long awaited wedding, well I was over the moon excited!! The wedding day started off with that crazy rain storm that turned puddles into lakes within minutes and being that it was an outdoor wedding, we were fearing the worst BUT almost as soon as I showed up to start shooting, the sky dried up and gave us a perfect (a little chilly but DRY) day!   I even had a couple unexpected assistants and second shooters! Aly and Clay have 2 beautiful children and they helped me take some great shots, like literally shocked me how well the photos turned out! I actually made a little album of the photos that the kiddies shot for me, obviously I had to give their awesome photos credit! And then talk about some awesome speeches at the end of the night! They had the room in tears from emotional happiness and pee in your pants kinda laughter! I have to admit regardless of whether it’s a client I’ve known for years or one I’ve just met, I’m one of those weird people who actually LOVE speech time! And this one didn’t disappoint! From start to finish, it was an awesome day!

Thank you Aly and Clay for allowing me to capture and celebrate your perfect wedding day! It was an honour and I wish you both a bagillion years of happiness! xoxo Dee

C+A 582pbw

C+A 107

C+A 106

C+A 099pbw

C+A 094pbw

C+A 145

C+A 149

C+A 151

C+A 153pbw

C+A 155

C+A 160

C+A 165

C+A 175

C+A 017pbw

C+A 021pbw

C+A 025

C+A 027pbw

C+A 038pbw

C+A 042

C+A 043pbw

C+A 050

C+A 066

C+A 080

C+A 187

C+A 204

C+A 208pbw

C+A 211pbw

C+A 223

C+A 229pbw

C+A 238pbw

C+A 243pbw

C+A 247pbw

C+A 251pbw

C+A 256

C+A 300

C+A 311

C+A 324

C+A 329pbw

C+A 360

C+A 362pbw

C+A 441

C+A 443

C+A 445

C+A 446

C+A 453pbw

C+A 454

C+A 459

C+A 460

C+A 470

C+A 478

C+A 483pbw

C+A 487

C+A 494

C+A 498pbw

C+A 502

C+A 507pbw

C+A 509

C+A 515pbw

C+A 520pbw

C+A 522

C+A 527

C+A 532pbw

C+A 535pbw

C+A 539pbw

C+A 541pbw

C+A 556

C+A 566

C+A 569

C+A 578pbw

C+A 587

C+A 590

C+A 595pbw

C+A 597pbw

C+A 599

C+A 604pbw

C+A 610

C+A 613pbw

C+A 618

C+A 622pbw

C+A 626pbw

C+A 628

C+A 631pbw

C+A 633pbw

C+A 634

C+A 637

C+A 641

C+A 649pbw

C+A 652

C+A 657pbw

C+A 677

C+A 685

C+A 701

C+A 709

C+A 719

C+A 722

C+A 729

C+A 734

C+A 737

C+A 742

C+A 751

C+A 766

C+A 769


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