Amy & Jamie {Orangeville & Alton Wedding Photographer}

Amy & Jaime were absolutely the most adorable and loving couple like ever! They were so amazing to work with and capture all the affection they have for one another.  After their orangeville ceremony we headed to Alton Mill and then back to Monora Park for their reception.  It was a perfect day with a perfect sunset and I just loved some of these images we were able to capture for the two of them!  Wishing you all the best xo

A+J 689

A+J 001pbw

A+J 006pbw

A+J 008pbw

A+J 020pbw

A+J 029pbw

A+J 033pbw

A+J 039pbw

A+J 041pbw

A+J 143 A+J 144

A+J 165pbw

A+J 179

A+J 222pbw

A+J 233pbw A+J 237pbw

A+J 304

A+J 325pbw

A+J 337pbw

A+J 342

A+J 353

A+J 358

A+J 359pbw

A+J 362pbw

A+J 371pbw

A+J 379

A+J 382

A+J 392

A+J 397

A+J 401

A+J 409

A+J 411

A+J 415

A+J 418

A+J 420

A+J 458

A+J 463

A+J 467pbw

A+J 473

A+J 484pbw

A+J 487pbw

A+J 490

A+J 492pbw

A+J 501

A+J 519

A+J 524pbw

A+J 560pbw

A+J 561

A+J 603

A+J 646

A+J 649

A+J 652pbw

A+J 653pbw

A+J 657

A+J 666pbw

A+J 670pbw

A+J 672

A+J 674

A+J 696

A+J 699

A+J 702

A+J 709 A+J 716

A+J 735pbw

A+J 767

A+J 771

A+J 775pbw

A+J 780pbw

A+J 781pbw


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