Kirsten & Kent {Holland Marsh Wedding Photographer}

Kirsten & Kent were married at the Holland Marsh Wineries and it was just gorgeous! We were solo nervous that this gorgeous outdoor ceremony setup was going to get rained out, but Mr. Rain Man held out for us and I’m so grateful because the location was simply stunning.  They even decided to do a first look which was soooo lovely in the gazebo overlooking the water! Seriously guys, first looks are the BEST! I find them so much more personal and emotional and I love capturing that private moment when it all sinks in that this is the big day where 2 people commit to spend their lives together.  And check out Kirsten’s dress! I loved it! So different and it fit the wedding atmosphere and location perfect.  It was gorgeous!

All the best to both of you!

K+K 153pbw

K+K 001pbw

K+K 005

K+K 008

K+K 009

K+K 015pbw

K+K 018pbw

K+K 020pbw

K+K 024pbw

K+K 026pbw

K+K 038

K+K 039

K+K 046

K+K 047

K+K 051pbw

K+K 069

K+K 071pbw

K+K 075

K+K 120pbw

K+K 122

K+K 129

K+K 136pbw

K+K 140pbw

K+K 141

K+K 148

K+K 150

K+K 154

K+K 157

K+K 168

K+K 178pbw

K+K 190pbw

K+K 195

K+K 203

K+K 219

K+K 226pbw

K+K 227pbw

K+K 234

K+K 245pbw

K+K 251

K+K 254

K+K 262pbw

K+K 268pbw

K+K 276

K+K 278

K+K 281

K+K 289pbw

K+K 297

K+K 349

K+K 374

K+K 376

K+K 385

K+K 387pbw

K+K 406

K+K 414

K+K 424

K+K 435

K+K 439

K+K 476

K+K 483pbw

K+K 490pbw

K+K 508

K+K 509

K+K 510

K+K 511pbw

K+K 550

K+K 566pbw

K+K 576pbw

K+K 641

K+K 642

K+K 645


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