Lynzee & Jeremy {Hockley Valley & Orangeville Wedding Photographer}

Lynzee & Jeremy celebrated their beautiful fall wedding at Hockley Valley Resort.  It was such a gorgeous day with all the pops of colour.  And this bridal party was wayyyyy too much fun to work with!! They seriously had me keeled over laughing at some points! And the reception room was the restaurant & lounge at Hockley; it was the first time I’ve been in that end and I’m so happy they chose it! It was an awesome vibe! And check out the Jones Soda bottles they customized with their photos! How cool it that!!

Thanks for an amazing day L&J!! Wishing you guys an amazing life together!! Filled with the fun and laughter that consumed your wedding day!

L+J 630

L+J 063

L+J 066pbw

L+J 074

L+J 076pbw

L+J 077pbw

L+J 081

L+J 085pbw

L+J 086pbw

L+J 093pbw

L+J 116

L+J 120

L+J 122pbw

L+J 132pbw

L+J 144

L+J 147

L+J 150

L+J 169

L+J 177

L+J 197

L+J 201pbw

L+J 208pbw

L+J 217

L+J 235pbw

L+J 247pbw

L+J 251pbw

L+J 255pbw

L+J 259pbw

L+J 270

L+J 286

L+J 321pbw

L+J 323pbw

L+J 343

L+J 349

L+J 352pbw

L+J 364pbw

L+J 368

L+J 373

L+J 376

L+J 484

L+J 486

L+J 490pbw

L+J 492pbw

L+J 495

L+J 497pbw

L+J 498

L+J 501

L+J 504

L+J 507

L+J 510

L+J 512pbw

L+J 515pbw

L+J 516

L+J 532pbw

L+J 542

L+J 547

L+J 555

L+J 565

L+J 577

L+J 589

L+J 592pbw

L+J 594

L+J 600

L+J 607

L+J 613pbw

L+J 619

L+J 630

L+J 632

L+J 638

L+J 645

L+J 650

L+J 657

L+J 663pbw

L+J 666

L+J 680pbw

L+J 687

L+J 691pbw

L+J 702

L+J 705

L+J 717

L+J 722

L+J 732

L+J 733

L+J 739

L+J 746

L+J 856pbw

L+J 858pbw

L+J 866pbw

L+J 873pbw

L+J 883pbw

L+J 891

L+J 897pbw

L+J 906

L+J 910

L+J 911

L+J 922

L+J 926

L+J 940


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