Time for an update …

Well it has taken me a while to sit down and think of a Year in Review kind of post .. obviously since it’s now as month and a half later! This has been one of my most challenging years I have ever faced.  So it’s been really hard to sit down and express that.  Normally I like to try and keep my really personal stuff separate from my business stuff, but this year, both have impacted one another and I think I am at a point where I’m ready to share a few things without getting too into the detailed nitty gritty.

First and for most I need to thank all of you, my wonderful clients both new and returning, for your love and support and patience with Diana Whyte Photography this last year.  I have been slower then I’d like to admit at emails, proofing and orders.  And for that I am so grateful for your understanding.  It’s been an exceptionally busy work year, probably one of my most successful and busiest to date.  But I know my personal life has caused more of the delay than I wanted it too.

Life is a funny thing you know.  Just when you think you’ve figured yourself out and are totally content with where you are and where you are going and all the people in your life, BAM! Life throws you a curve ball out of left field, followed by a thunderstorm of lemons making it nearly impossible to keep up with the lemonade! {haha ya cheesy joke I know! lol}.

This last year brought me a lot of unexpected challenges in my personal life that I never saw coming… well maybe I did but by the time I had it figured out, or was willing to admit to myself what I knew was happening,  it was too late. Even though I tried my hardest and struggled to make things better.  If life wasn’t challenging enough trying to find a balance of caring for my perfectly amazing and (at the time this all started) brand new baby along with managing 2 full time businesses and all the other regular daily things that comes with this wonderful and strange thing called life; the one person I needed, relied on and kept things together for me, walked away.  In the end, I have to believe that things happen for a reason.  It’s funny, well maybe not funny but I’m sure you know what I mean, before all these challenges really started happening, I lost my nonna (grandmother).  It was really hard.  Really really hard.  But I think she is watching out for me and helping me take my life in the direction it is supposed to go.

And so I am trying to figure it all out. Trying to figure out how to tell people when they ask or even when they don’t (this has been a hard one for me .. i never know what to say and sometimes I find it easier to still “pretend” like everything is the way it was – I’m working on it and this post is where I knew I needed to start; where I can start to be a little more honest and open with others without feeling petrified of what they might think, where I can continue to heal, learn and improve).  I’m trying to prioritize what is most important to me.  Trying to filter out the negative and the things that cause stress so I can get back to that place where things make sense again.  I’m getting there.  Slowly.  One step at a time. One day at a time.  And that’s all any of us can really do right?  We have to take the good and the bad and make the most of what life gives us.  In the end I think the hard times and the not so great stuff makes us really appreciate the good stuff. Makes us stronger and shapes us as individuals.  Makes us see who is truly there for us.  Who truly cares. And makes us appreciate those people even more.  And I really do have so much to be grateful for and so many people to be grateful for.  In retrospect I hit a pot hole .. it felt like a pretty big pot hole that put some damage on the tires, but nothing that can’t be repaired :p ya ya ya I like super cheesy comparisons lol

That takes me to where I am now.  Like my physical address lol.  Paisley and I are now living up in Wasaga Beach, just temporarily until we get a few things worked out and find a more permanent residence.  This is the big reason I wanted to share a little bit of what has been going on.  Because our location has changed and will be changing again in the near future.  I’m thinking of heading to Barrie area.  It’s always been a place I have loved.  The water and beach are close, and where my soul feels at home.  It’s still a little further north and out of the craziness of Toronto but still developed enough to fill my city girl cravings.  It’s closer to my family and friends.  And it’s in between where most of my wonderful clients are.  Right now it’s where I’d like to look.  But who knows where life will lead me lol

In the meanwhile, I do have a temporary studio set up in Wasaga.  So business is still the same, perhaps even more productive!  And until I have a more permanent studio set up I am going to be offering discounted “in your own home” sessions depending on your location and type of session.  And for all my Dufferin County clients especially, you are near and dear to me and I am still constantly in and out of the area so please know that I will always make sure to accommodate you for locations that are most ideal and convenient.

Wasaga is proving to have some wonderful hidden locations that are stunning, even in the winter, for photos.  But travelling is nothing new to me.  You guys, my clients, are all over this province covering everywhere from the GTA, York Region, Dufferin, Simcoe and Wellington County.  And those areas are just regular travel routes for me regardless of where I am located.  I know I’ve had a lot of questions about this.  So I want to make sure you guys know I will make your location work for you without a doubt 🙂

Well, this brings me to the last point of “why in the world would I choose Valentine’s Day to post this??” haha well good question! Valentines is about love and expressing our love for each other (at least I think it is) and I wanted to express all my love and gratefulness to my clients, my family and my friends who have been there supporting me this last year.  You have no idea how much you all mean to me.  2013 is a new beginning for me.  A new chapter in my book.  And I am excited to see where my life leads, excited to meet many more new clients and friends, excited to continue building relationships with my existing clients and friends and just plain ready and excited for this wonderful life!

So Happy Valentines Day everyone!! Make sure to take this day to hug your loves a little tighter, laugh a little louder, dance a little sillier, smile a little bit brighter and kiss a little wetter 😉


And because no post is complete without a photo, I bring you Paisley’s fall photos 🙂 I had one of my bestie’s come help take the photos that I’m in.  This little girl pushes me everyday to be the best me that I can be for her :p One day I will have to thank her lol













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