The {W} Family {Orangeville Family Photographer}

Lisa and her family are becoming some of my favourite clients.  They are just amazing to work with and the kiddies are the best, filled with so much laughter and silliness! Well, maybe it’s her little boy who has the most silliness in him, but it just makes these photos so great seeing their personalities shine through! I always try and remind clients that although it’s nice to get a few of those perfect formal photos where everyone is looking with a nice proper smile, it is always way better with young children to capture them as they are.  You want their personalities to shine through! It’s what gives the photos so much more character and such a better story to tell as your family gets older. And it keeps the kiddies in better spirits for their photo session too 😉   And this is why I absolutely enjoy these guys, Lisa totally gets this and embraces it! I’m so glad you chose some of those great and silly shots Lisa 🙂

W2013  38

W2013  15

W2013  18pbw

W2013  19

W2013  23pbw

W2013  25pbw

W2013  26pbw

W2013  33pbw

W2013  40pbw

W2013  46

W2013  48pbw

W2013  49

W2013  56

W2013  59pbw

W2013  63

W2013  66pbw

W2013  69

W2013  77pbw

W2013  81

W2013  92


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