Annelle {First Birthday & Family Photographer}

Sooo I kinda think that I just have the most amazing clients ever because I want to tell you that these guys are another of my faves! Little Annelle was back in the studio for her first birthday session and my goodness I could not get enough of her! I really just want to keep her! She is just the happiest baby ever!

There is a really special photo in this set.  If you remember Annelle’s newborn photos and story, you’ll remember that  she is a bit of a miracle baby and her amazing momma went through a very emotional journey with Annelle’s pregnancy.  We recreated a photo from her newborn session of her momma holding Annelle beside her scar.  You can check out the story HERE.

Thank you again for another amazing session! xo

Annelle 26

Annelle 02

Annelle 04

Annelle 24

Annelle 33pbw

Annelle 40pbw

Annelle 44

Annelle 46

Annelle 47

Annelle 56

Annelle 62

Annelle 63pbw

Annelle 68

Annelle 75

Annelle 77pbw

Annelle 81

Annelle 83pbw

Annelle 86

Annelle 89


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