Aimee & Brendan {Shelburne Engagement Photographer}

I took Aimee and Brendan to this little secret trail I found just behind the Super Burger in Shelburne.  Aimee was the best scaling the crazy terrain in heals and a bummed elbow (soccer injury)! I also loved all the personal touches they added to their session.   I can’t wait tip the wedding!

A+B 110

A+B 006

A+B 014

A+B 016

A+B 026

A+B 031pbw

A+B 034

A+B 039

A+B 047pbw

A+B 057pbw

A+B 067pbw

A+B 076pbw

A+B 085

A+B 086pbw

A+B 098

A+B 102pbw

A+B 115

A+B 120

A+B 128

A+B 141

A+B 145

A+B 147

A+B 152pbw

A+B 159pbw

A+B 164

A+B 168pbw

A+B 173


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