Malaika is ONE! {Orangeville Children’s Photographer}

I cannot believe how quick a year has gone.  I had the pleasure of photographing Malaika as a newborn, as a 6 month old and now as a 1 year old! And goodness does this child get cuter every time I see her! Thank you for being the bright eyed, monstrous smiled little cutie patootie that you are!

Malaika 1yr 09

Malaika 1yr 02

Malaika 1yr 06

Malaika 1yr 12

Malaika 1yr 18

Malaika 1yr 33pbw

Malaika 1yr 40

Malaika 1yr 45

Malaika 1yr 51

Malaika 1yr 56

Malaika 1yr 58pbw

Malaika 1yr 59

Malaika 1yr 62pbw

Malaika 1yr 70


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