Blake & Riley {Toronto Baby Photographer}


Blake and Riley were adorable cousins born about 3 weeks apart. How lucky are they to be so close in age!! I traveled to their grandparents’ home in Toronto to shoot these cuties and their parents.  Even snuck in a couple shots with grandpa.  The light in this home was amazing! And the decor and photo walls, I was in heaven :p The great big photo wall you’ll see below are all of dad and grandpa’s photos from Africa.  Such amazing shots, so of course I wanted to use them as a backdrop for some of the family photos.  I can’t wait to see these little ones soon for their 6 month session 🙂

B+R 173pbw

B+R 162

B+R 158

B+R 151pbw

B+R 132

B+R 135

B+R 015pbw

B+R 024pbw

B+R 027pbw

B+R 030pbw

B+R 033

B+R 035

B+R 040

B+R 049pbw

B+R 054pbw

B+R 059

B+R 066

B+R 067pbw

B+R 076pbw

B+R 083

B+R 089

B+R 093

B+R 108pbw

B+R 110

B+R 114

B+R 122pbw

B+R 139

B+R 164pbw

B+R 165pbw

B+R 166pbw

B+R 169pbw

B+R 172

B+R 178pbw


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