H+J {Orangeville Engagement Photographer}

Heidi and John were such an amazing couple to photograph.  It was such a cold afternoon but they were troopers and we got some amazing shots! I especially loved once I got them on skates.  They were adorable together!! Dancing and spinning and holding each other up and just laughing with each other.  You guys were the best!

H+J 012

H+J 016pbw

H+J 028

H+J 029pbw

H+J 043

H+J 050

H+J 052

H+J 055pbw

H+J 059pbw

H+J 067

H+J 072

H+J 075pbw

H+J 082

H+J 084pbw

H+J 089

H+J 094

H+J 096

H+J 105

H+J 111

H+J 119pbw

H+J 121

H+J 124pbw

H+J 130pbw

H+J 131

H+J 139

H+J 134

H+J 141

H+J 146pbw

H+J 142pbw

H+J 143


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