S+J {Orangeville Engagement Photographer}

Talk about 2 people that are just so totally in love and giggled through the entire session! These guys were so much fun and just perfect together! Thanks for braving the cold … it was insanely cold out! It took us a while to get to this location with the rock walls at Mono Cliffs and I’m sure both Stacey and Jim were wondering where in the world I was taking them.  But I’m so glad they made the hike with me because I loved the results! I’ve never been this far down the trails in the winter but I’m going to have to do it more often because it was just gorgeous!

I’m so looking forward to your wedding day!S+J 023

S+J 024

S+J 031

S+J 040

S+J 050

S+J 052

S+J 057

S+J 003

S+J 011

S+J 013pbw

S+J 019

S+J 058

S+J 065

S+J 076

S+J 084

S+J 085

S+J 091pbw

S+J 100pbw

S+J 111

S+J 114pbw

S+J 120pbw

S+J 125pbw

S+J 133pbw

S+J 138pbw

S+J 129


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