Paisley in the Ice Storm {Richmond Hill Children’s Photographer}

Well now that the weather is starting to get much nicer and summer is on it’s way, I think I can share these images without making everyone cringe from being sick of all the snow and cold and craziness this past winter has brought. Well maybe it’ll still make you cringe since I think we all want to forget about winter BUT these are the last of the winter shots and they really are very pretty! I promise no more winter stuff after this :p **Hopefully!**
This was Christmas Eve right after the big ice storm. I was staying at my parent’s house in Richmond Hill and man was in insane!! Around our house wasn’t so bad but I went for a drive down some of the older roads in the neighbourhood and it was crazy the way the trees had all fallen and broken from all the ice. Such a sad sight to see, although it was mesmerizing at the same time and the sheer force of mother nature put me in complete awe. I had to sneak Pais out and get a few shots of her with this ice, especially when the sun was setting so nicely. I brought my brother along with me just to make sure Paisley was safe and nothing was going to fall and break on her. I was too afraid to take her into this ravine which I frequently escaped to as a child. It was insane the way the trees sloped heavy with ice covering the path. It was like the path never existed. We stayed just on the outside with nothing above us just in case. Pais wasn’t exactly the happiest even with all the layers under her jacket, she was so not feeling this cold photo shoot. Takes after her momma, although I’ll suck it up when the photos are worth it haha I’m so glad I was able to capture some pretty shots from the storm. Something to be remembered!



















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