L+A {Orangeville Wedding Photographer}

Lisa & Alex had a beautiful an intimate wedding that started with a first look at Monora Park in Orangeville.  We had it all set up beautifully but when they turned to look at each other, Lisa had a wardrobe malfunction that set both of them off in laughter and I actually think the shots were so much more fun and genuine because of it! Definitely a memorable first look!  And so sweet as Alex helped reattach Lisa’s dress for her.  We took their photos along the trail in the snow and I don’t think I’ve ever worked with two people more willing to brave the cold and the snow just to get the shot! They were amazing! Pretty much waist deep snow and still all smiles!! I especially loved how Alex would try and stomp out a path in the snow for Lisa.  If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is!  Their intimate candle lit ceremony took place at their home and they had a “Ring Bear” to complete the day.  Such a sweet family! Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to capture such sweet memories of your day.  Wishing you all the best!!

L+A 065pbw

L+A 003

L+A 005

L+A 007

L+A 011

L+A 016

L+A 023pbw

L+A 027

L+A 031

L+A 035

L+A 044

L+A 054

L+A 059

L+A 065pbw

L+A 067

L+A 070pbw

L+A 077

L+A 081

L+A 085

L+A 087

L+A 092

L+A 100pbw

L+A 104pbw

L+A 109pbw

L+A 113

L+A 118

L+A 120

L+A 123

L+A 126pbw

L+A 131

L+A 136

L+A 138pbw

L+A 153

L+A 155pbw

L+A 158

L+A 159

L+A 165pbw

L+A 172

L+A 177

L+A 181

L+A 185

L+A 187

L+A 191

L+A 210

L+A 218pbw

L+A 224pbw

L+A 227pbw

L+A 230pbw

L+A 236pbw

L+A 240pbw

L+A 246pbw

L+A 247pbw

L+A 259pbw

L+A 275pbw

L+A 277pbw

L+A 312pbw


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