Daniel {Wasaga Beach Newborn Photographer}

Daniel.  Oh handsome little Daniel.  And all your way too cute little faces.  You just made me melt! And goodness was he ever good! Although he wasn’t feeling the nest, he was just perfect for every other pose we did with him.  It’s been such a pleasure watching this family grow.  Momma and I went to high school together and then I had the opportunity to shoot her wedding, her daughters newborn session and now her son’s newborn session.  And seriously, you don’t get a sweeter family then this one.  They are seriously just the best.  I’m especially looking forward to dropping off their disc … it also includes a play date for the kiddies and some catch up time for us 🙂 And as much as I enjoy watching these kiddies grow .. I’d appreciate if they, along with mine and all the rest of the kiddies could just slow down a little.  Just a little.  Pretty pretty please? lol xo  DWP_4039

Daniel 72bw

Daniel 74bw

Daniel 66bw

Daniel 61

Daniel 39bw

Daniel 41bw

Daniel 77p2

Daniel 36p2

Daniel 54bw

Daniel 31bw

Daniel 11

Daniel 25bw

Daniel 19bw

Daniel 07bw


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