Ava {Wasaga Beach Family and Child Photographer}

Mel, aka momma, is one of my good friends and I love when her babies have birthdays because it’s another excuse to see them and make a day or a weekend out of it.  They came up to the icy and cold beach at the beginning of spring (although the outdoor photos still look more like the midst of winter).  It was an awesome 2 days of letting the girls all play, doing some photos, catching up and of course a little mini birthday cake celebration!   I don’t get enough of these hang outs!

Mel really wanted to do a tea party photo for the girls too. She brought her set she had as a kid and even a vintage table cloth that was handed down in her family.  Finish the shot with some floral dresses and some huge a** cupcakes and well you get 3 VERY happy hyper girls and some awesome photos!  I can’t wait til I have a more permanent bedroom for Paisley so I can frame a few of these tea party photos too!

I can’t wait for the next visit! Only a few more weeks!! xo

Ava's4 06pbw

Ava's4 07

Ava's4 08

Ava's4 26

Ava's4 34

Ava's4 35pbw

Ava's4 41pbw

Ava's4 42

Ava's4 43pbw

Ava's4 45

Ava's4 48

Ava's4 50pbw

Of course we tried to sneak in a group shot! We had once chance since the girls were soooo done with the cold and this is what we got lol.  But we got the whole gang and even our friend Nicky who came up for dinner! And secretly to help wrangle all the kids for us hahah ❤ you N!Ava's4 51

Ava's4 53

Ava's4 63

Ava's4 64

Ava's4 69pbw

Ava's4 69pbw

Ava's4 91

Ava's4 92pbw


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