Cayleigh {Collingwood Newborn Photographer}

Sweet little Cayleigh slept for her entire session and let me do pretty much anything with her! Ahhhhh I LOVE LOVED the shots we got! Such a sweet and beautiful girl, and all that gorgeous dark hair! I could have photographed her all week! Then add her beautiful big sister and all her cuteness and her parents who were wonderful to work with and I couldn’t have asked for a better photo session! Cayleigh 091

Cayleigh 088

Cayleigh 076pbw

Cayleigh 071

Cayleigh 105

Cayleigh 056pbw

Cayleigh 048

Cayleigh 051pbw

Cayleigh 043

Cayleigh 036

Cayleigh 022

Cayleigh 031pbw

Cayleigh 046

Cayleigh 013

Cayleigh 010pbw

Cayleigh 015pbw

Cayleigh 018pbw

Cayleigh 001pbw


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