A+I {Aurora Newmarket Wedding Photographer}

Amanda & Ian were married at the lovely Dinardo’s Mansion in Aurora.  There ceremony was so beautiful and filed with sentimental touches.  It was a perfect reflection of both Amanda and Ian.  Despite the rainy day, we still had an amazing time taking advantage of the mansion, balconies and door ways for some gorgeous shots!  Thank you both for allowing me to capture your wedding! I+A 410

I+A 006pbw

I+A 012

I+A 010

I+A 037pbw

I+A 049pbw

I+A 056pbw

I+A 059

I+A 078

I+A 080

I+A 084

I+A 086

I+A 089pbw

I+A 090

I+A 095pbw

I+A 099pbw

I+A 100pbw

I+A 163pbw

I+A 170pbw

I+A 175pbw

I+A 178

I+A 192

I+A 195

I+A 196

This shot was so much fun! It was pretty wet outside and we didn’t want the dress to get dirty before the ceremony so we had a couple of the groomsmen hold Amanda’s dress up so I could get some shots of her in front of the garden area. Thanks for being awesome sports guys!!
I+A 204

I+A 209pbw

I+A 211

I+A 259

I+A 263pbw

I+A 267pbw

I+A 283

I+A 288

I+A 300pbw

I+A 305

I+A 309pbw

I+A 364

I+A 373

I+A 382

I+A 385pbw

I+A 389pbw

I+A 391pbw

I+A 405

I+A 408pbw

I+A 412pbw

I+A 472pbw

I+A 356

I+A 503

I+A 518


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