Blake & Riley {Toronto Baby Photographer}

Blake and Riley were just perfect for their 6 month session.  These 2 are way more like sisters then cousins! And it never ceases to amaze me the changes from their 3ish month session!  I totally loved this shoot and all the set ups we used.  Can’t wait to see you girls for your first birthday session in the fall!!

B+R 6m 148

B+R 6m 005

B+R 6m 008

B+R 6m 015

B+R 6m 023

B+R 6m 030

B+R 6m 038

B+R 6m 040

B+R 6m 062pbw

B+R 6m 068pbw

B+R 6m 071pbw

B+R 6m 092pbw

B+R 6m 097

B+R 6m 100

B+R 6m 110

B+R 6m 113

B+R 6m 122

B+R 6m 128

B+R 6m 135

B+R 6m 141

B+R 6m 151pbw

B+R 6m 153pbw

B+R 6m 155pbw

B+R 6m 157

B+R 6m 162

B+R 6m 165pbw

B+R 6m 168pbw

B+R 6m 173pbw

B+R 6m 175

B+R 6m 177pbw

B+R 6m 178

B+R 6m 179pbw

B+R 6m 181

B+R 6m 185pbw

B+R 6m 189

B+R 6m 192pbw

B+R 6m 194

B+R 6m 198pbw

B+R 6m 201pbw


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