Happy 2nd Birthday Paisley!! {Barrie Children’s Photographer}

I can’t believe this little Pistol of Fire that I gave birth to, what seems like yesterday, is TWO today! I mean really?? Where has the time gone?? What a whirl wind adventure it has been with this little peanut! She has become such a rugged little princess and I am loving every moment of everything that is Paisley. I just wish time would slow down a bit so I can enjoy her that much longer, but it is an amazing thing watching this baby that kicked the *beegeebeezies* out of me while I was preggers and gave the ultrasound nurse so many hilarious poses and faces, grow into the amazing toddler she is today. I can’t wait to see what this next year brings for her and the two of us.
Here are a few of her attempted Birthday shots I got on Wednesday evening in the rain at the Barrie marina (and I did have a spotter so she wouldn’t wind up going for an unexpected swim, just in case you were wondering lol).
We are celebrating with a great big nautical themed party for her today 🙂 And I thought I’d give you a glimpse inside of this last year with her Birthday “about me” style poster. I made one for her first birthday and I think it may become a traddition:)
I’ll share some photos of her party in a few weeks when I get a chance to get through them all 🙂

Happy Birthday My Love!!
xo Momma

2nd Birthday Poster.jpg


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