A+C {Toronto Wedding Photographer}

Alyssa and Cuc had a gorgeous wedding at the Estates of Sunnybrook in Toronto.  You couldn’t have asked for a better day, a better location or a better couple.  You could tell how crazy in love these two are just by the way they make each other laugh and smile.  That is one of those things that stands out for me.  I really loved too how on the windiest day ever (deceiving with all the sunshine!) They were still able to successfully light their unity candles in their outdoor ceremony!  How awesome is that!?!
Plus we had our own personal guide to unlock some of the amazing facilities and show us to the best photo locations.  It was pretty awesome.  If you’r thinking about a Toronto wedding, make sure you check this venue out.  I was so impressed!
I had such an amazing time (and should I mention the food!! Holy smokes was it ever delicious!!) at your wedding! Thank you for allowing my to capture your day! All the best in the years to come you two!!A+C 358

A+C 001pbw

A+C 006pbw

A+C 010

A+C 013pbw

A+C 016

A+C 021

A+C 027

A+C 040pbw

A+C 048pbw

A+C 053pbw

A+C 056pbw

A+C 064pbw

A+C 073

A+C 087pbw

A+C 089pbw

A+C 091pbw

A+C 104

A+C 114

A+C 128

A+C 133

A+C 144pbw

A+C 171

A+C 183

A+C 186

A+C 188pbw

A+C 293

A+C 300pbw

A+C 305pbw

A+C 313

A+C 315pbw

A+C 319pbw

A+C 322pbw

A+C 326pbw

A+C 329

A+C 330

A+C 332

A+C 334pbw

A+C 339

A+C 343

A+C 347pbw

A+C 353pbw

A+C 358

A+C 365

<a href=”https://www.flickr.com/photos/deezinesbydee/14488139084&#8243; title=”A+C 372pbw bA+C 384y Diana Whyte, on Flickr”>A+C 372pbw

A+C 378pbw

A+C 382pbw


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