2015 New Booking Information

2015 booking schedule update

Just incase the image is difficult to read, here is the text:

My goal for 2015 is to really improve upon my customer service & reduce turnaround time for client images.  I also want to make sure that rescheduling for clients due to weather & illness is more flexible.  Of course as most of you know I am a single momma to one amazing little girl who is growing faster then I thought possible & I don’t want to miss these precious years with her because I was buried in work. As much as I love my work & my clients, I am a momma first (since most of you guys have littles, I’m sure you know exactly what I mean 😉

With this said, I am going to be limiting the number of sessions (newborn, family, children & weddings) I take on per month.

Here’s how bookings will work for this year; You choose the month you would like for your session, fill out & send back a contract & you are secured for that month.  About a month or two before your scheduled month (in order of who booked first) I will email you to confirm an actual date.  I know it’s hard to predict what your schedule is like for next October for example, so this is why I’ll confirm actual dates closer to that month.

There will be a little bit of fine tuning I’m sure with this new booking schedule but so far, it seems to be working out alright for most of you who have started booking your 2015 sessions.

For anyone looking to book 2015 onward, remember to book early to secure your session spot 🙂  I have started booking right into next summer & we all know how desirable fall is for photos & the Christmas rush of course!!

On a side note, hopefully with this new scheduling, I’ll be able to bring back Spring & Christmas mini sessions!

If you have any questions about the new scheduling please feel free to email me diana@dianawhytephotography.com

Thank you all so much for your continued love & support! Without each of you, there would be no DWP xoxo


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