A+C Bridal Session {Collingwood Barrie Wedding Photographer}

Almost a year after they said “I Do” Ashley and Chris decided to do a bridal session to capture some additional and more adventurous images. We headed to Pretty River in Collingwood to a little hidden spot to start the session. The afternoon was cloudy and dark and the threat of rain was in the air, which made for some dramatic shots from the first portion of the shoot. Next we headed to the Collingwood Terminals to capture some romantic shots at the docks. The sun came out just in time for the golden sunset behind them. Just before losing the light completely, we headed to our last location at Northwinds Beach just north of Collingwood where we ended the session. We got stuck in some unexpected traffic so by the time we started shooting the sun was gone, but we had just enough light in the air to capture the last few shots. We had this grand plan to toss Ash and Chris in the water on these super cute donut and flamingo floaties but of course our air pump died as we tried to blow them up, so we quickly improvised for some more comical shots of these two on their half deflated floaties with a drink in their hands and added more of their fun personalities to end the night.  Thank you guys for coming out on this little adventure all over Collingwood for your session! And for entertaining all my cooky ideas! haha you guys rock xo
Diana Whyte Wedding Photographer
Diana Whyte Wedding Photographer
Diana Whyte Wedding Photographer


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