Same As Always {Fergus Family Photographer}

When I received the email about this shoot, all I knew was that one of my favourite past clients wanted to capture some photos of her family baking cookies. I know Beckie well enough that there would be a special story behind this event and I was very right. As the story goes, Grandma used to have all the grandkids over to bake cookies. The grandkids would always ask, “Grandma, what kind of cookies are we making?” And the response was always “Same as always”. Through the years, it became the running joke that the cookies were in fact called “Same as always” and the saying started to play a very sentimental role within their family. Fast forward many years later, these grandkids are all adults and Beckie wanted to capture some of that memory by making the “same as always” cookies with grandma again! So there they all were, grandma, 3 of her daughters, and all of their grown kids ready to get baking!
When I first walked in, everyone was gathered on the couch flipping through old photo albums and reminiscing. Of course I had to capture that! Then off they went to baking those yummy cookies. We then all freaked for lunch, and had the tastiest grilled cheese and soup! Ohhh it was delicious! And afterwards we made sure everyone had some precious photos with grandma ❤ And before I left, all the grandkids gathered around on the floor to listen to grandma read from their “Jelly Belly” story book. This book has made a couple appearances in photo shoots I’ve been lucky enough to capture for this family and it is the craziest little book you ever did see! But it was the cutest thing watching this story time with all the grown kiddies. Such a special memory to have with their grandma!!
You guys are the very best! Thank you for allowing me to capture such a sweet and special day! xo

Diana Whyte Family Photography


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